Melting Ice Hearts.

This game is currently being made on RPG VX.

Link to game : 

This game is still being developed, but all endings are available

You play as a girl who has just returned after a year on her own journey. She is meet in a dream by a fairy priestess who tell her that she need to save the land. So you have to build up a team and fight the three towers of monsters. There are four locations Volvan Village, Lexron City, Celestral Town and Snow Point Village.


You ! In this game you get to pick the main character's name.
Age: 17
Race: Human Sorceress

Name: Kiki
Age: Old
Race: Fairy Priestess

Name: Ryota
Age: 19
Race: Human Thief

Name: Satoshi
Age: 23
Race: Human Dark Knight

Name: Sora
Age: 17
Race: Human
(Works in an inn)

Name: Prince Takehiko
Age: 16
Race: Human
Trained: Knight.

Name: Yoshi
Age: 18
Race: Human Rogue

Screen shots: